Les aventures de Gyzmo le chat à New York

On commence par une histoire incroyable de notre chat Gyzmo qui s’enfuit a l’aéroport de NY, et que l’on retrouve après 48h de mobilisation générale, y compris des chiens renifleurs, un passage sur CBS News NY, des articles de journaux et des centaines de messages de soutien sur Facebook (cf sur FB : “Jack the cat lost in AA luggage at JFK”).

Ci dessous un article du journal “Life with Cats” d’hier:

“We got that old sinking feeling reading Friday’s headlines saying yet another cat had been lost at JFK Airport in New York, with memories of Jack the Cat and others flooding back. Jack, as many readers know, was lost at JFK and, despite a massively successful social media campaign, extensive news coverage and a huge search effort, was not found until he fell through a ceiling weeks later, weak from dehydration and starvation. Jack was rushed to the vet for emergency care but his body was too far gone and his family had to make the decision to let him go instead of letting him suffer for any more days as his system shut down. For thousands of well-wishers, elation turned to sadness as Jack lost his battle to live.

Some cats lost at airports in recent years have never been found and some lucky others have been found alive.

Gyzmo is one of the lucky ones. He was lost at JFK after a flight from Paris to New York and was found today after 43 long, worry-filled hours for his family and animal lovers who learned of his plight.

Once again, the missing cat’s disappearance involved baggage personnel. Petmom Agathe Louvet was traveling with Gyzmo on an XL Airways France flight Thursday. His crate came through baggage empty and handlers said they didn’t know how he got loose but they’d seen him running and tried unsuccessfully to catch him.

Agathe’s close friend or relative (we do not have details at this time) Pauline LeGay knew or learned where to turn when Gizmo went missing; she contacted Where is Jack, the advocates and searchers who became experts during the Jack experience.

Pauline contacted Where is Jack at the Jack The Cat is Lost in AA Baggage at JFK Facebook page, writing: “We’ve lost our cat at JFK terminal 4 last night. He was coming from France and escaped while with the airport staff. We’re desperate. he is 4 years old. 16 lbs, a bit shy but just sooo nice. he must be soo scared. I’m based in France but his mom is in NYC, alone, and very stressed. Please help us ! His name is Gyzmo. His chip might be on the name of Gyzmo or Zimoi. Thank you.”

A search team with dogs, and including Agathe, was on site today and Where is Jack reported early this evening that Gyzmo had been found and was on his way to the vet. There are no details yet on the rescue, but photos shared by Where is Jack show him with Agathe and the search team.

More information will no doubt be available soon. For now, we can all breathe a sigh of relief and say HOORAY!”

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